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This course is part of How to Make Money. Global, Profitable, Ethical.

Learn how to make money and solve dilemmas when starting a new business, using best practices from global companies.
Learn how to make decisions about employment, where and how to invest, selling, pricing & profitability.
All sessions taught by a Vice President, CFO, with a career at Fortune 500 companies, based on the class he teaches at NYU (New York University). No Finance knowledge required. Each session can be watched separately.

  • The ability to understand and make informed business decisions.
  • The ability to discuss the financial performance of any company or investment.
  • A CSR certification to enhance your academic and labor credentials.
  • The program is designed to foster networking, peer collaboration, and engagement with global executives and mentors.
  • Participants with little or no knowledge of finance, who want to be exposed to world-class instruction and speakers, and learn how to raise capital or lead a profitable business.
  • Experienced professionals.
  • Those seeking to reenter the workforce.
  • Young students eager to learn.
  • Those curious about what a graduate university class is like.

Welcome, my name is George Benaroya. During the day, I work as a CFO, or Chief Financial Officer. I started my career at Procter & Gamble, then Tetra Pak, Nivea and now Private Equity.
I spent one half of my career at headquarters in Switzerland, New York and other cities; and one half running local operations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and now the US. I lived in 9 countries. These operations ranged in sales from $20 million to $2 Billion.
During my career, I visited clients and operations in 193 countries.
Once per week, I do something I love. I teach a graduate class at NYU, New York University. During the Christmas break at the University of Salamanca in Spain, and on weekends, a program for free, for high school students who join online from 100 countries. There is no better return on investment than education.
There is no textbook in any of my classes. Each course, students learn something that they can use right away, at work, to get a job or for their own personal benefit. You can see what students say about my teaching style when you google my name.
For my classes at NYU, I invite the most senior executives from Fortune 500 companies to speak to the class. The sessions are open to everyone and students ask questions themselves, to these executives. You are invited.
I make each one of lessons separate from each other (one lesson per course). Please join me to learn how to manage a small company or a global multinational, to be Global, Profitable and Ethical.


  • A Balance Sheet. What is that?
  • How can you use a Balance Sheet as an investor, employee, or business owner?
  • Let’s learn a super-easy way to read any Balance Sheet, from any company, in any industry, and make sense of it.


At the end of the session, you will have learned:

  • Balance Sheet. What do we use it for?
  • How to read any Balance Sheet, from any company.
  • The Balance Sheet of Apple, Estee Lauder, Disney, and IBM.
  • Why is inventory higher at Estee Lauder, and Fixed Assets at Disney?
  • Would you prioritize new clients, or old clients if you don’t have enough products to sell?
  • The BS of Jenny, the student who takes this class and runs a shoe business on the side.
  • What should Jenny do? She has a cash, inventory, and accounts receivables problem.



  • Sesión en directo Entrevista 29/03/2022 - 5:00pm (hora Madrid)  Enlace al evento
    "There is no better return on investment than education"
    George Benaroya, Global Vice President, CFO. Procter & Gamble, Tetra Pak, Nivea. Adjunct Faculty NYU
    Juan Manuel Corchado, BISITE, Universidad de Salamanca
  • Sesión en directo 21/04/2022 - 9:00pm (hora Madrid)  Enlace al evento
    "Enabling growth at Disney Parks, Experiences & Products"
    Kevin Lansberry, Executive Vice President and CFO, The Walt Disney Company
    *Sesión organizada por NYU SPS
  • Sesión en directo 28/04/2022 - 02:00am (hora Madrid)  Enlace al evento
    "Enabling global, sustainable growth at Coca-Cola"
    Joanna Price, Senior Vice President. Chief of Communications, Sustainability and Public Affairs, The Coca-Cola Company
    *Sesión organizada por NYU SPS
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  • Coming soon


George Benaroya

Global Vice President, CFO. Procter & Gamble, Tetra Pak, Nivea. Adjunct Faculty NYU (New York University)


George is an excellent speaker, who can take complex financial topics and explain them in a clear and understandable way. He's a global executive and an entrepreneur with broad expertise, His conversational presentation style effectively communicated the content in a relaxed and calm manner. I wish that all of the people who report to me (and all of the people to whom I report) had the knowledge and capability that George exhibited.

Fred Stein
Senior Project Manager

George is a terrific presenter. For 90 minutes, he captivated a large conference room of senior executives with various titles. He was very informative and entertaining. He leaves everybody wanting more.

Chris Wallace
Managing Director

George is an amazing speaker, who can take complex financial topics and explain them in a really easy way. He is a global excutive with broad expertise that can motivate an audience quickly, and he did so with me and many of the people around me! I especially enjoyed his passion for treating people fairly, which is not something I see a lot of in business. Thank you George!

Mary Verrone
Global Organizational IT Change Management Strategist

(Fuente: Linkedin)


Professional Executive Certificates by corporate leaders and top universities, seeking to meet the training needs of individuals to acquire the professional skills most demanded today.

All certificates can be requested in the formats available at

In this program you will be able to obtain three types of certificates: 

  • Executive Diploma or 'Advanced Diploma': general or global certificate of completion of a program or degree. To obtain this certificate it is necessary:

    • To have completed the basic training [B] and passed all the compulsory courses [O] and at least one optional course [Op] of specialization. 

    • To have acquired all the Certificates of Completion of the compulsory courses [O] and at least one of the optional courses [Op]. 

  • Block Diploma (or ‘BLOC © Diploma’): Certificate of passing all the courses of a block or 'pack' of courses. 

    • To obtain this diploma it will be necessary to have passed the courses included in the training block and to have acquired their certificates of completion.

  • Course certificate: Certificate of Completion of a course. To obtain this certificate it will be necessary to visualize at least 70% of the syllabus and pass the defined evaluation activities of the course (questionnaires, delivery of work, ...). Inside the course you will find all the required information.

Program diplomas or certificates

Executive Diploma

Block Diplomas or certificates of block or courses (‘BLOC © Diploma’) offered

Understanding Business Decisions
BLOC © Diploma

Certificate that you will be able to obtain if you pass the following courses:
  • How to become a millionaire saving $5 a day.
  • Headcount. Why do companies hire contractors?
  • Inflation & Pricing. Local & Global pricelists.

Understanding Financials
BLOC © Diploma

Certificate that you will be able to obtain if you pass the following courses:
  • Market research and how to find financial information. For Free
  • How to read any Profit & Loss and make your own
  • How to read any Balance Sheet and make your own
  • Foreign Exchange and Sales growth

Understanding why CSR, financial data, AI & more are good for business BLOC © Diploma

Certificate that you will be able to obtain if you pass at least three of the following courses:
  • Can you make money with sustainability?
  • A solid marketing strategy through financial metrics
  • ArtificiaI Inteligence for your business idea
  • Best practices for management & business transformation

Course certificates offered

How to become a millionaire
saving $5 a day

Each course in the program offers its own certificate. The certificate of one of the courses is used as an example.


All students of this training will receive a scholarship certificate for each paid course. To receive this certificate, students must have completed at least 70% of the course syllabus and passed the quizzes and/or assignments. The certificate will be awarded at the end of the training.

Live Sessions


500€ 99€*


*80% scholarship


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