Last update: October 1, 2021

The Bioinformatics, Intelligent Computing Systems and Educational Technology Research Group of the University of Salamanca, (hereinafter BISITE-USAL) (hereinafter BISITE-USAL or BISITE) makes the website available to Internet users (hereinafter "E4you" or the "Website"), and access to it and the use and contracting of its services and/or contents are governed by the General Conditions (hereinafter, the "Conditions").

Any version of these Conditions in a language other than Spanish is provided for convenience and you understand and agree that the Spanish language version will control if there is any conflict.


1.- Purpose of the Conditions and their Modification. The entity responsible for e4you. 

BISITE-USAL makes available, to the users (hereinafter, individually, the "User", and jointly, the "Users"), the possibility of navigating, accessing the contents and services of the Website, and of signing up and taking part in any of the educational activities, courses, modules, blocks, programs, diplomas and/or degrees (hereinafter, individually, the "Course", and jointly, the "Courses") available on it, as long as they do it in accordance with the conditions set forth in the present Terms and Conditions.

In any case, BISITE-USAL reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify or eliminate the content, structure, design, services and conditions of access and/or use of this site, whenever it deems appropriate, indicating the effective date of the last update, as well as the right to interpret these conditions, in any matter where they are applicable. If a substantive change is made, the user will be notified via one of the principal channels, for example, via the e-mail address they have provided.

By continuing to use our services after the changes come into effect, the User accepts those changes. The revised Terms will supersede all previously stated Terms.

BISITE-USAL, that is the owner of the Website, is:

The Bioinformatics, Intelligent Computing Systems and Educational Technology Research Group of the University of Salamanca, with TIN Q3718001E and with registered address at Edificio Multiusos I+D+i, Calle Espejo s/n, 37007, Salamanca, Spain.

The e-mail address of BISITE-USAL for this Website is:  


2.- Requirements for the access, use and utilization of the services and contents of the Website. 

To use the services of the Website, it is necessary to be registered as a User.

Moreover, some of the services of the Website will not be available without the prior payment of the value or amount that corresponds to the selected product or service.

The access to and/or use of the Website is completely voluntary and lies in the capacity of any person that accesses as a User. All Users, whether or not they are registered on the Website, accept, from the moment they access the Website, without any kind of exception, the contents of these Conditions, as well as, if applicable, the "Special Conditions" that may complement, replace or modify them in any way in relation to the different services and contents of the Website. Consequently, the User must read the Conditions carefully before accessing and using any of the services of the Website under their full responsibility.

In any case, BISITE-USAL reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to deny access to the Website or to deactivate or cancel the registration of those Users who do not comply with any of these Conditions or the specific ones that apply to them, in accordance with the terms set forth in section 9 "Loss of the condition of user".


3.- General Principles - Responsibility of the User. 

The User agrees to use the courses, services and content provided by the Website in accordance with current legislation, as set out in clause 10 of these Conditions, the principles of good faith and generally accepted uses and not to contravene public order or the provisions of these Conditions on the Website, through their actions. Therefore, any use of the Website for illicit purposes or that may damage, hinder, overload or in any way affect the use and normal operation of the Website, or that directly or indirectly goes against BISITE-USAL, against the Collaborators or Partners who deliver the courses or their teaching teams, against the other Users or against any third party.

The User of the Website shall not transmit, through the services, tools, utilities, evaluations or comments on the Website, content that violates the values and dignity of persons, in accordance with national and international standards for the protection of human rights.

The User of the Website agrees to provide true and accurate information about himself/herself in his/her registration forms, to keep such information updated. Moreover, the User agrees to provide an external e-mail that is his/her own.

Likewise, the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means and in any form, of the contents of the Website or its courses (texts, designs, graphics, information, databases, sound and/or image files, logos and other elements of these sites) is prohibited, except with prior authorization from their legitimate owners or when permitted by a "creative commons" license, which may be applicable to the contents or by the applicable regulations in force.

It is also prohibited, with respect to the contents detailed above, any commercial or advertising use, other than that strictly permitted, where appropriate, and the infringement, in general, of any right derived from them.


4.- Conditions to be fulfilled by users who wish to establish a hyperlink between their web page and the Website. 

The reproduction of the webpages of e4YOU, by means of a hyperlink, on another portal or website, is not allowed, only the access to the Website is allowed.

Under no circumstances shall it be assumed that BISITE-USAL authorized linking through a hyperlink nor that it has supervised or accepted, in any way, the services or contents offered by the website containing the hyperlink.

No false, incorrect, or misleading statements or references may be made about the webpages and services of BISITE-USAL.

The page that provides the hyperlink shall not have any logo that refers to the Website, except for the symbols included in the hyperlink itself.

The creation of any type of browser, program or border environment on the pages of the Website is explicitly prohibited. No content that violates the rights of third parties, or that goes against morality and good practice, nor illicit content or information, may be included on the webpage containing the hyperlink.

The existence of a hyperlink between a web page and the Website does not imply the existence of a relationship between BISITE-USAL and the owner of that webpage, nor the acceptance and approval of its contents and services.


5.- User Responsibility. Commenting on blogs and forums. Security measures. 


5.1.- Responsibility of the user. 

The User bears sole responsibility for the use of the Website and for fully complying with these Conditions. Consequently, the User is obliged to keep secret, with the character of confidential and reserved information, their access codes, passwords or similar data that is used to access the Website or any of its services, being responsible for any damages of any nature arising from misuse by themselves or by third parties, both against the same User, considering the damages suffered as a result of negligence, such as those that BISITE-USAL may suffer as a result of the breach of these Conditions.


5.2.- Use of e4YOU services.

Through the services of the Website, the User will be able to share information, communicate and connect with other Users

In relation to the use of the Website services, the User assumes the following obligations:

a)     To comply with E4you's "honesty commitment", which entails the assumption of the following commitments: : 

Not to register on E4you with more than one account. 
That the answers to the test type activities and P2P type activities are the result of their own work and individually (except those activities where collaboration is explicitly allowed). 
NNot to publish or provide solutions to the evaluation tasks with the intention of giving advantage to other Users. 
Not to carry out actions that may dishonestly improve the results of the evaluation tasks, or improve or harm the scores of other students. 
Not to claim the work of others as his or her own. 

b)     The User will use the services of the Website and the contents of the courses for personal use and never for economic or commercial purposes without prior authorization from BISITE-USAL. 

c)    The User will not provide false personal information on the Website, and will bear sole responsibility for the real, truthful and updated communication of his/her personal data. 

d)     The User shall not create a false profile account, nor shall he/she impersonate a third party without his/her authorization. 

f)     The User agrees to make reasonable use of the Website and its contents. 

e)    The User assumes that any publication of contents by him/her on the Website, within the forums, blogs or any other functionality, does not violate in any way the current regulations, intellectual property rights, contractual rights, or any other type of right that any natural or legal person, public or private, may have. 

BISITE-USAL will not be responsible in any case for the improper use of the Website and its contents. The User will bear sole responsibility for the damages and prejudices that could derive from an improper use of the Website or its contents or from the violation of these Conditions. The User agrees to hold harmless BISITE-USAL against claims or penalties that may be received from third parties, whether they be individuals, public or private entities, as a result of such violations, as well as against damages of any kind that they may suffer as a result of those violations. 

BISITE-USAL may remove any comment, content and information published on the Website if it considers that these obligations are being violated by the User or if BISITE-USAL receives a claim from a third party for breach of the conditions set out herein or when BISITE-USAL considers the content could cause damage. 

BISITE-USAL reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel the User's account on the Website without prior notice and without offering any compensation, if it considers, at its own discretion, that the Conditions have been violated by the User. 


5.3.- Posting comments on blogs and forums. 

In relation to the introduction of comments on the blogs or forums of the Website, the User agrees not to post comments that may be offensive, defamatory, libellous or slanderous to BISITE-USAL or third parties, contrary to morality, public order, or the dignity of persons, or that in any other way may be unlawful or illegal or cause damage or harm to BISITE-USAL, the Collaborators or Partners that deliver training or to their teaching teams or third parties.

BISITE-USAL reserves the right to remove comments from blogs and forums, immediately, without prior notice, if in its opinion they do not comply with the provisions set out in the preceding paragraph.


6.- Purchase process:  



ASome of the products and services offered on the Website, whether of e4you, its collaborators, Partners, universities or other educational entities, for-profit and non-profit corporations or companies, governments, governmental agencies or units, and any other type of institution, may offer services and products for a price (e.g., courses, programs, certificates, degrees, etc.). For any product or service that the User chooses to purchase on the Website that is not free of charge, the User agrees to pay all applicable fees prior to the expiration date. 



To make purchases, the user must log on to the Website and click on the course from which he/she wishes to obtain the product he/she wishes to purchase (for example, a Certificate of Completion).


6.2.1. Issuance of certificates by e4you, in relation to the courses taken by the users: 

The certificates issued directly by the Website are either Attendance Certificates or Certificates of Completion. Both types of certificates certify the completion of the course by the registered user, while only the Certificates of Completion certify, in addition to the completion, the passing of the course by the user, in all cases, under the name and surname indicated on the certificates issued by the Website. However, E4YOU may not guarantee that the natural person’s name and surname corresponds to the names and surnames of the user registered on E4you, who completed the course.

The purchase of a product or service from the Website will not generate any electronic legal document of purchase, without prejudice to the proper registration of the transaction by BISITE-USAL.

The user will have a period of two months, following the end of the course, to download their Certificates. After this period the Website may disable access to them.


6.2.1.a) Issuance of the Certificate of Attendance. 

The Certificate of Attendance is free and can be downloaded automatically. The user may obtain it by meeting the requirements established in each training action.  


6.2.1.b) Issuance of the Certificate of Completion. 

The Certificate of Completion is issued at a cost which depends on the type of the certificate selected by the user (for example, " Certificate of Completion in digital format", "Certificate of Completion in digital and paper formats, postal delivery within Spain", "Certificate of Completion in digital and paper formats, postal delivery outside Spain", etc.).

The user must fill in the application form, select the certificate option he/she prefers, and at the end of the form accept the conditions. A user file will be created, and the user will be able to request the issuance of the invoice and continue with the payment process, after verifying that the data they provided is correct.

The user can pay by debit/credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD) or PayPal (recommended) from within the campus through the payment gateway. Also, make a bank transfer or deposit, requesting the account details writing an e-mail to

In case you wish to change any information after having made the payment, you may request it by writing an e-mail to, although we cannot guarantee that the information can be corrected.

Once the transfer or deposit has been made, the user must send a copy of transaction confirmation by email, indicating the name of the person who made the transfer or deposit.

Once all the fees have been paid, the user will be notified via email of successful application.

Finally, once the fees have been paid, the user will be able to download their (digital) diploma from the payment form.

If the user also requested the delivery of the paper certificate or diploma, it will be sent to the postal address indicated in the payment form. In the case of requesting a diploma with a Hague Apostille, the notarial procedures may take more than 4 weeks.

It should be noted that once payment has been made, no request for the return of the Certificate of Completion will be accepted, since this file or document is generated automatically, with the prior express consent of the User and with that User's acknowledgement.


6.2.1.b) Issuance of Certificates with academic or professional recognition and their return or withdrawal policies.  

The Collaborators, Partners of the Portal may issue Certificates for the courses (for example, Diplomas or Professional Certifications, Diplomas for Expert Degrees or Master's Degrees), which accredit the degree of completion of the courses by the registered user, under the name and surname indicated therein, and include the academic or professional recognition. The criteria for such certification will be expressly communicated by the collaborator or partner who is the owner of the course.

The return or withdrawal policies for certificates with academic or professional recognition will be communicated by the partner who owns the course.


6.2.2. Course purchase by users: 

6.2.2.a) The Collaborators or Partners of the Website may offer paid Courses, for which they may issue Certificates, which accredit the degree of completion of the Course by the registered user, under the name and surname indicated therein, and include academic or professional recognition. The payment terms for the access to the Courses and the use and purchase of the services and/or contents, as well as those of the corresponding certification, will be communicated by the collaborator or partner who is the owner of the course, expressly in the Course description.

Likewise, the return or cancellation policies applicable to these courses or their corresponding certificates of academic or professional recognition, will be communicated by the Partner who is the owner of the course.


6.2.2.b) The Owner of the Website may offer paid Courses, either their own or in collaboration with its partners (collectively understood as the Partners of e4you), for which they may issue Certificates, which accredit the degree of completion of the Course by the registered user, under the name and surname indicated therein, and include academic or professional recognition. The payment terms for the access to the Courses and the use and purchase of the services and/or contents, as well as those of the corresponding certification, will be communicated by the collaborator or partner who is the owner of the course, expressly in the Course description. 

The User has a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the moment have paid for a course to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, provided that he/she has not accessed the contents of the course. The User must notify BISITE-USAL in an explicit and definite manner his/her desire to withdraw from the contract, for instance, by filling out the following form and sending it to the following address:

Once the notification of withdrawal has been received, the User will not be able to access the course in question and he/she will be fully refunded the course fee within a maximum period of 14 days.



7.- Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibility. 

BISITE-USAL does not guarantee and is not responsible, in any case or circumstance, for the following events and conditions, nor for any damages that may arise from them:

For the lack of availability, continuity, access, maintenance and effective operation of the Website and/or its services and failure to maintain contents updated, accurate, exhaustive, relevant, current and reliable, regardless of the origin of such events, whether they be technical problems or of any other nature.

For the correct delivery of the courses made available on e4YOU by its Collaborators, Partners or by their teaching teams.

For the quality, ownership, legitimacy, adequacy or relevance of the materials, resources, videos, tests, quizzes and other content used in the courses by Collaborators, Partners and their teams of lecturers, instructors and/or teachers. For the processing of the data of the users enrolled in courses offered by Collaborators, Partners and their teams of lecturers.

For the transmission and/or existence of viruses, or other harmful factors that may affect the Users' equipment as a result of accessing, using or examining the Website, or that may cause alterations to their electronic documents or files.

For the illicit, negligent, fraudulent use, impersonation of a third party or any action that goes against the content of these Conditions, the good faith, the generally accepted uses or the public order of the Website, its courses, services and contents, by the Users.

Except for those symbols that are part of the same hyperlink, the web page where this hyperlink is established shall not contain any trademark, commercial name, establishment sign, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive symbols belonging to BISITE-USAL.

For the violations or infringements of the laws, uses or customs in force regarding intellectual property rights, industrial property, business or contractual secrets, rights of privacy, honor, image, property, advertising or competition, including that of third parties.

For the defects or shortcomings of the courses, contents and/or services accessed through the Website.

For the reception, storage, acquisition, dissemination or transmission, by the Users, of the contents of the Website or its courses.

For the information or knowledge that could be possessed or used by unauthorized third parties regarding the Users' use of the courses, contents and services of the Website.

For the breach, by third parties, of their obligations or guarantees assumed in relation to the services provided to the Users through the Website, as well as for the lack of quality, reliability, adequacy to what is offered, legality, usefulness and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to the Users on the Website.



8.- Links. 

The Website may include within its contents links to sites owned and / or managed by third parties in order to facilitate access to the information and services available on the Internet.

BISITE-USAL does not assume any liability for the presence of links in the content of the Website and content located outside of them or for any other mention of content that is external to this Website. Such links or mentions are for information purposes only and in no case imply support, approval, marketing or any relationship between BISITE-USAL and persons or entities authors and / or managers of such content or owners of the websites. BISITE-USAL is not responsible and does not guarantee the proper functioning of the linked sites or content.

In this regard, the User is obliged to apply utmost caution and discretion in the case of using the content or services of the websites they access through these links.


9.- Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. 

The texts, designs, images, databases, logos, structure, trademarks and other elements of the Website are protected by the laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, communication to the public, or any other exploitation of all or part of the content of this site, made in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, is strictly prohibited unless prior written authorization of is provided by the owner or the content is provided under creative commons licenses, in which case, the use of the content permitted under these licenses will be in accordance with the specifications provided under that licence. Any infringement of these rights may give rise to extrajudicial or judicial civil or criminal proceedings.

BISITE-USAL does not grant any license or authorization of any kind to use its intellectual and industrial property rights, or any other property or right related to the Website, the services or the contents thereof.

The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the contents provided by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of said third parties.

For the purposes of preserving possible intellectual property rights, in the event that any User or third party considers that there has been a violation of their legitimate rights by the introduction of certain content on the Website, they must notify this circumstance by writing to BISITE-USAL, indicating:

Alleged infringement of intellectual property rights of the owner of these rights. If the claim is presented by a third party other than the interested party, he/she must indicate the representation with which he/she is acting.

Indication of the contents protected by intellectual property rights and their location on the Website.

Proof of the existence, ownership and validity of the aforementioned intellectual property rights.

Express declaration in which the interested party is responsible for the veracity of the data and information provided in the notice being submitted.


10.- Loss of the condition of user. 

The registered User may unsubscribe from the Website, losing the status of such, and the rights and data associated with their account, freely and at any time, by writing to indicating the email used on the Website, or indicating this email, name, surname and password.

Likewise, the User may unsubscribe at any time from the courses in which he/she has enrolled, by clicking on the option established for this purpose.

BISITE-USAL may also cancel the User's registration, terminating the relationship established between the two and losing the rights derived from such condition and the data associated with their account on the Website, in the following cases:

If the User breaches any of the present Conditions.

If the provision of any of the services on the Website ceases to be, in the opinion of BISITE-USAL, commercially viable.

The loss of the condition of User does not means that these Conditions will will not be applicable to questions or claims that may arise between BISITE-USAL and the User, after having lost such condition.


11.- Right of withdrawal. 

The policies of refund or withdrawal of the products and services offered on the Website are set out, for each type of course and certificate, in clause 6 of these Conditions.


12.- Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction. 

The access, use and/or utilization of the services or contents on this Website, the present Conditions are subject to the Spanish legislation. For any questions that may arise or actions arising from the management of the Website by BISITE-USAL and its services and contents, and on the interpretation, application, compliance or breach of the provisions herein, the User may refer to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Salamanca (province of Salamanca, Spain).

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