e4YOU or "education for you" aims to offer an educational platform open to everyone; a place where disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence can be tested, promoted and developed, providing solutions to the great challenges of current and future education. e4YOU seeks to enhance the educational experience through the use of technology, tailoring it to the needs of each person, which is, perhaps, one of the greatest challenges of future education. It is an initiative of the BISITE Research Group, the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca and the University of Salamanca, the IoT Digital Innovation Hub, partners and collaborators.

At e4you.org, we believe that emerging technologies, supported by flagship teaching models, will help people achieve success on their path to education. From career choice, through the learning activities (personalized automated motivation, "one to one" adaptation of learning times, detection of specific cognitive gaps, adaptive continuous assessment, etc.), to the construction of a curricular itinerary for optimal lifelong learning

The e4you.org project adheres to the trend of offering quality education to all, without geographic or economic barriers, in response to specific training needs, both global and specific to a large community of people. e4YOU is an educational solution that is agile and easy to implement, and can be used as anyone, whether they come as students, employees or simply, the citizens of the world. e4YOU can, for example, be used to teach the fundamentals of cybersecurity to the population of an entire country.


  • To facilitate access to quality education, by all and for all, at any time and from any place.
  • To help people adapt to their changing needs, on a continuous basis, in every economic sector or profession.
  • To innovate through eminently practical educational solutions, based on the results of multidisciplinary research and on the application of intelligent computer systems.
  • To collaborate in the pursuit of universal knowledge, connecting tradition with modernity, enabling the certification of short, modular or microcredit courses.


  • e4YOU has been designed to offer education to everyone, because we believe that "example isn't the only way to teach, it is the only way to teach" (Albert Einstein).
  • Knowledge is universal: "... it pertains to the whole world and spreads to all countries, through all times" (RAE). The University, by conception, should also be universal.
  • The education of the future is ubiquitous, not confined to the walls of the university. Our students are citizens of the world and there are no barriers. Let us educate by example.

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