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Educational training solutions, designed for universities or higher education institutions, but also perfect for schools, training centers, academies, and for any educational entity that wishes to provide quick, agile and simple teaching to a large number of people.

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From specific skills to programs, offer your students, your teachers, your administrative staff and anyone else, flexible training experiences that are tailored to their needs and fit within your budget.

Solutions for university staff and students

Solutions for university staff and students

Boost the capacity of your teaching or administrative staff by helping them acquire new, certified skills.

Fast-track the transformation of your educational institution. Flexible plans, individual subscription, or complete templates.

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Institutional LMS Solutions

Institutional LMS Solutions

Incorporate or integrate our educational solutions, tailored to the requirements of your educational institution.

Courses and programs, on your networks, platforms or systems. An agile, scalable implementation. Decide what each teacher, administrator or student can learn and when, track their results.

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Offering Courses and MOOCs

Offering Courses and MOOCs

¡Create your courses and training programs. Make them available to people across the globe! Enable them to get a certificate for your course!

Obtain prestige and recognition for the development of training actions. Maximize revenue through your own, scalable MOOCS.

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