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Citizen training solutions, designed to enable public institutions, or training centers to reach out to the wider public, with an innovative support that facilitates and simplifies the development of massive citizen training campaigns through open, flexible and ubiquitous learning experiences. Immediate and quality training.

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From specific skills to programs, offer your citizens flexible training experiences, tailored to their needs and their budget.

Training for citizens

Training for citizens

Enable your citizens to acquire new, accredited skills, either specific or as part of a program. Put the digital transformation within everyone's reach.

Flexible plans, for individual subscriptions or entire communities. Individual training itineraries, adapted to the pace of each person or collaborative learning, which strengthens bonds between people. Enable citizens to obtain a certificate for your course! Rely on tested, well-known and constantly updated technologies. Achieve recognition from citizens and meet the training objectives defined in your agendas and strategic plans, through your own scalable courses and MOOCS.

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Soluciones de LMS institucional

Governmental LMS Solutions

Incorporate or integrate our citizen training solutions, tailored to the requirements of your training initiative.

Specific e-learning courses and programs on your networks, platforms or systems. Easy, scalable implementation. Decide what each citizen can learn and when, track their results, improve their knowledge, and manage their acquired knowledge.

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